I had the pleasure of working with Nordis as my real estate agent while serving as the personal representative of an estate. From the beginning, Nordis demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities involved in handling probate real estate transactions. She was always available to answer any questions and provide guidance, making the process as smooth as possible. Her expertise in marketing and negotiating resulted in a successful and timely sale of the estate property, and I am truly grateful for her commitment and dedication to her clients. I cannot recommend Nordis enough. Her professionalism, expertise, and commitment to her clients make them a true asset in the real estate industry. If you are in need of a real estate agent who will provide exceptional service and achieve outstanding results, look no further than Nordis.

R. RuizPersonal Representative for Estate

From day one working with Nordis, I knew she was the right agent. You can easily see she’s a serious Real Estate professional 4 minutes into your first conversation with her. She is thorough, caring and knows her business well. Thank you Nordis for acting as my selling Agent and being on top of everything from the beginning! Nordis is the BEST South Florida has to offer insofar as Selling or Buying a home

N. GrossSeller client